CPP film, Matte Cast PP film

CPP film, Matte Cast PP film
Non‐glare polypropylene with a scratch‐resistant embossed surface
Orange Peel Anti-Reflective film is a non-glare polypropylene material with an orange peel embossed surface.
It is ideal for use in applications where low-gloss, good contact clarity, and excellent scratch resistance are required.
Orange Peel Anti-reflective CPP film is economically priced and easy to weld using either ultrasonic or thermal welding machinery.
Mostly used for matte film lamination applications for matte finished packing materials.
It does not give plastic feeling with the mat appearance. Due to the soft texture, if feels very soft.
Flexo and rotogravure provide excellent ink adhesion on prints.
Prevent light reflection of the matt surface in lamination or single layer applications
provides excellent print quality. It gives the desired matte surface effect for matte and matte packaging applications.
Produced Thicknesses (Micron): 20, 25, 30, 40
• VHS and DVD cassette label covers
• CD sleeves
• Photo album pages
• Coin, stamp, and baseball card pages
• Business card holders
• Sheet protectors
• L-pockets
• Flat files
• Book covers
• Non-glare surface
• Excellent scratch resistance
• Good contact clarity
• Low cost
• Copy safe - will not lift print
• Acid free - contains no PVC
• Easy to weld using either ultrasonic or thermal welding machinery
• Good dimensional stability
• Natural living hinge ability
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Recyclable
20 August 2021

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