Disposable Coverall FLX 2000

Tek Kullanımlık Tulum FLX 2000

Product Features - Disposable Coverall

The Bodygard FLX2000 protective suit protects users against particles and liquid splashes at an early level. It is used in a wide range of industrial areas.

It is an economical solution for protection against limited chemical splashes, such as paint spraying applications. PPE Directive Category III, Type 5/6 protection standard approved. Microporous material allows air to come out of the garment, at the same time providing protection from external dangers.

Excellent barrier against dry particles and certain limited liquid chemical splashes (CE Type 5/6)

Laminated microporous material

2-way zipper with wind flaps for additional on-off convenience and extra protection

Elastic cuffs, waist and ankles for better fit and freedom of movement.

Too little fiber


Protection - Protection against low hazardous liquid splashes and particles

Comfort - Moisture vapor permeable (breathable) structure reduces sweating stress

Silicone-free - Spray (spraying) is critical for work areas

Low fiber - Low risk of fiber contamination in critical work areas

Optimum body sizes - User comfort is considered at the highest level in designs.

Anti static - Tested according to EN1149-5 standards


Application Fields

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Spray painted retouching works
  • Spray paint works
  • Crime scene Investigation
  • Veterinary services


Painter overalls, Asbestos extraction and cleaning processes, cemented production areas, metal grinding and polishing processes, light industrial cleaning and machine maintenance, storage, allocation and building maintenance works, printing press industry, pharmaceutical processes and working with poisonous powders, pesticide spraying and suitable for working with chemicals.

Micro-porous fabric is made of nonwovens and breathable laminated micro-porous film. In order to keep water and blood drops out, the size of the micro-pores is smaller than water drops but larger than humid vapor.
The innovative micro-porous fabric provides a good barrier for biologic inflectional substances; it is used for the prevention of the illness. In addition, the fabric provides a feeling of softness for its user, creating a comfortable experience. Different weight and color compounds may be custom.
- Anti-liquid/blood penetration
-Durable and good wearing resistance
- ASTM 1670 (Anti-blood penetration) (Anti-static)
- Protective Wear
- Apron
- Patient Wear
- Coveralls
- Boot
- Apron
- Car doors
- Pillow and cushions
- Widespread medical, industrial and consumer products.


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