Spunsuper Trink Bilfex

Spunsuper Trink Bilfex

Surgical Drape Fabric

It is produced for disposable operating room cover, compressor / drape which was laminated by hydrophilic applications with a high level of absorbency on a DRYLAID / Chemical-bond nonwoven tela; micro-emboss engraving barrier film of hot glue (hot melt). It is manufactured in 2 layers. Thanks to its high absorbency, our products absorb more liquid 2 times faster than the standard products. Thanks to its high strength and its outer surface, is very resistant to tearing and has a very low pilling ratio. 

Our fabrics are manufactured according to the EN 13795 standards. They are produced with the value which is at least 2 times higher than the minimum limit value in the operating environment, and perform above the EN 13795 test criteria.


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