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Car Cover
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Car Cover
Car Cover
Car Cover
Car Cover

 Felix nonwoven is used in automotive sector in the following areas:  

-Inside of door panels
-Inside of seats
-Under upholstery
-Trunk upholstery
-Vehicle wrapping with nonwoven fabric instead of nylon before delivering to the end-user.
Features of Felix Nonwoven
-Production capacity from 18 gram/m2 to 150 gram/m2.
-Secondary interlining of automobile mats, carpet tile and restroom mats.
-Fiber glass, fabric reinforcement
-Used in ceiling upholstery, inner upholstery, acoustic parts, filters etc.
In public transportation vehicles such as buses and planes, it is used as headrest cover with flame retardant feature to provide passenger safety.
-Vehicle covers
-Inner upholstery component
-Travel headrest cover

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