Bodygard Roofing Underlayment / Çatı Altı Buhar Dengeleyici

Bodygard Roofing Underlayment / Çatı Altı Buhar Dengeleyici

Çatı Altı Buhar dengeleyici

Çatı altı izolasyon membranı


Bodygard Roofing Underlay

A high performance underlay for all pitched roof types and walls in timber frame structures. Can be used on warm and cold, supported and unsupported, ventilated and unventilated roofs.

  • BBA certified and CE approved
  • Four grades available
  • Breathable with high water vapour permeability
  • Exceptional W1 water resistance
  • High tensile strength and nail tear resistance
  • Pre-printed marking lines
  • Independently tested for full compliance with BS 5534:2014 + A2:2018
  • Construction materials differ as does their performance. The BODYGARD breather membrane provides superior water tightness achieving Class W1 resistance to water penetration as clearly demonstrated in the field applications.

The BODYGARD non-combustible breather membrane is evaluated for its waterproof performance alongside two competitor products, whereby the use of controlled water flow is applied to simulate severe weather conditions i.e. driving rain. The results clearly demonstrate the integrity of Bodygard membrane vs Product X and product Y during this independent spray test.

BODYGARD FR products are certified Flame Retardant.  Printed BODYGARD FR products, for both flexographic or digital processes, are also certified Flame Retardant.




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