Ultra fine fiber PP spunbond Nonwonven

Ultra fine fiber PP spunbond Nonwonven

At Felix nonwovens, we have recently succesfully commercialized ultra fine fiber spunbond nonwoven for medical, hygiene and construction industries. Our PP spunbond nonwovens are widely used in disposable surgical gowns, disposable surgical drapes, roofing underlayment, water proofing membrane, house wrap, synthetic roofing underlayment, diaper top sheet, diaper backsheet and many more applications. 

ultra fine denier filament in PP spunbond nonwoven fabrics are superior to standard materials. ultra fine denir filament size is between 1.0- 1.3 denier compared to standard 1.8-2.2 denir size 

Ultra fine denir filament PP spunbond nonwoven and articles made out of them do have the following advantages; 

* softer PP spunbond nonwoven 

* Higher MD and CD strenght 

* Can decrease product application gsm since lower gsm has similar tensile strenght with higher gsm = volume reduction

* Higher hydrostatic head / 

* Better uniformity due to more coverega of the area

* Higher number of filaments due to better uniformity


20 August 2021

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