Warm Up Jacket

Warm Up Jacket
Warm Up Jacket
Warm Up Jacket
Warm Up Jacket

Bodygard Warm-up Jacket 

Single-use offers a new, fresh start every day

BODYGARD® Warm-up Jackets keep you warm and comfortable. Because they are single-use they offer a new, fresh start every day.

Made from low-linting materials in a clean production environment and reduce the risk of contamination. So you can slip one over your scrub suit and keep warm.

BODYGARD® Extra Comfort Warm-up Jacket

For textile feeling, choose our Extra Comfort scrubs made from SUPERSOFT®, a unique nonwoven material that is lightweight and also transfers moisture away from the skin.

  • Lower dry bacterial penetration than the reusable products tested   
  • Available with long sleeves or medium sleeves, so you can easily disinfect your lower arms.
  • Extra Comfort Warm-up Jacket is made of comfortable non-woven material

 Single-use materials from BODYGARD are much more hygienic than reusable garments. I strongly recommend that my colleagues at other hospitals consider single-use clothing from BODYGARD.`


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