Make concrete buildings last longer with Super-form

Super-form products are used for plywood, metal and different molding techniques and formworks. They play a pivotal role in production of a smooth surface. Not only they provide visible improvement on concrete surface but also make usage duration and life time of concrete by providing a harder surface.
With regards to special projects, they can be used for the forming of desired shaped with single use. Impossible or extremely formidable forms with current mold technology can be overcome owing to formwork molding textiles, not leaving the process to the pure imagination of architects and engineers. This technique is known as FABRIC FROMWORK.
Super form is produced due to quality demand of construction, building and concrete sectors that you can also apply to concrete forming/molding; metal and plywood molds. It is used so as to provide a smooth surface and to increase surface hardness. 
Primary advantages of the molds made with Super-form
-Providing high duration for concrete surface against carbon dioxide and chloride ions.
-Faster completion of inner carbonization of concrete
-High resistance against freezing
-Providing less permeability on formed surface
-Improving hardness of the surface and breaking and elongation threshold
-Improving surface quality; removing holes called blow hole and providing a smooth surface.
Areas of Application
-Pre-cast products
-Reservoir and dams
-Sea and water way dams
-Bridged tunnels
-Water process facilities
-Drinking water tanks

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