Spunbond Nonwoven Bags

Spunbond Nonwoven Bags
Spunbond Nonwoven Bags
Spunbond Nonwoven Bags
Felix spunbond fabrics can be used as an interlining for shoes, bags, luggage, shoe and dress covers. Moreover, custom-designed fabrics with antibacterial, wear out-resistant and absorbent features can be used for shoe interlining. Spunbond nonwoven fabrics are used in a wide range as promotional pallet, packaging and nonwoven bag. 
Nonwoven bags
These textile products are manufactured for special purposes and have very low cost in proportion with expiry date. Spunbond, generally made out of 100% polypropylene, is a technical textile fabric, differing from other fabric types with its nonwoven and unknitted feature. These nonwoven products are used in many applications whose primary sectors follow as:
- Hygiene products with absorbent feature
-Agricultural Textile
-Furniture and home furnishings
-Industry-Hygiene products
-Medical Care Products
Why Nonwoven
-High strength
-Resistant to outer effects such snow, rain, wind, sun rays and impacts
-Conforms to multi-applications
-Products compressed with water based paint do not turn directly or indirectly into poisonous toxic in nature when discarded.
-Have food codex
-The life time of one nonwoven bag equals to 20 to 100 plastic bags based on the user’s awareness. 
-A dissertation study on dissolving of spunbond nonwoven fabrics in nature conducted by Den Brandi Nechelle Keene of North Caroline University in 2012 proved that these products can dissolve in duration starting from 3 months. 
PE Plastic Bag ( Bio – Oxo Deformable ), Paper Bag, Nonwoven Bag, Raw Cloth Bag Comparision Chart
Product Name


 Pieces Used/Year

Material Used for Manufacture/Year

Sera Gazı Emission/Year

Energy Required for Manufacture/Year

 PE Plastic Bag  6 gr  520  3,12 kg  6,08 kg  210 MJ  0,05 x 520 = 26,00 TL
 Paper Bag  42,6 gr  520  22,15 kg  11,8 kg  721 MJ  0,42 x 520 = 218,4TL
 Nonwoven Bag  65 gr  4,15  0,272 kg  1,96 kg  46,3 MJ  0,90 x 4,15 = 3,75 TL
 Raw Cloth Poşet  125,4 gr  9,1  114 kg  2,52 kg  160 MJ  1,50 x 9,1 = 13,6 TL
 Nonwoven Bag (NP)  25 gr   6  0,155 kg  1,1 kg  26,53 MJ  0,25 x 6 = 1,50 TL


 *Senthilkannan Muthu, Yi Li*, Jun-Yan Hu, Pik-Yin Mok, Xiao Liao, Honkong Polytechnical University (Sectoral data is colored in red.)


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