FELIX nonwovens produces SMS/SMMS/SSMMS . Felix carries out the production of Spunbond (SS), SMS and SMMS fabrics, especially for the hygiene and medical sectors.

our SMS /SMMS nonwovens are produced  for the hygiene industry with Ultra soft and permanent hydrophilic for use in baby diapers and adult diapers

Top-Sheet , Back sheet, Leg-Cuff nonwoven fabrics with high hydrostatic pressure resistance. SMS / SMMS / SSMMS  fabrics are also used in CoreWrap, Dusting Layer, Front and Back flaps. We do also produce Spunbond (SS), SMS and SMMS nonwoven fabrics for the Medical Sector, from disposable surgical sets to other hospital textiles. In addition, it is made in Full and Part Reinforced Nonwoven fabrics for areas of use where more protection is required. The laboratory within FELIX also performs Strike Through Time, Wetback, Liquid Penetration Resistance (Water column) and other physical property tests.   Raw material type: 100% Polypropylene (PP)   Weight range Spunbond (SS): 12 g/m2 – 90g/m2   Weight range SMS / SMMS: 10 g/m2 – 70 g/m2   Production width: 160 cm (63``)   Features : Permanent Hydrophilic, Anti-Static, UV Stabilizer, Flame Reterdant

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