Eco Friendly Nonwoven Bags

Eco Friendly Nonwoven Bags
Eco Friendly Nonwoven Bags

We offer different type of bags from non-woven pp material in a range of different colours. Order your non-woven bags based upon your needs. Take advantage of ordering the paper bags with twisted handles and non-woven pp bags from one manufacturer!

Facts about non-woven PP ECO-friendly bags. Eco friendly Nonwoven bags

This material is defined as a web or sheet of polypropylene fibres bonded together by entangling the fiber or filaments mechanically, thermally or chemically. They are flat, porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibers. They are not made by weaving or knitting and do not require converting of fibres to yarn.CARRIER BAGS

Nonwoven polypropylene is the new miracle fabric. It’s a recyclable plastic fabric that is often used to make promotional tote bags. Nonwoven polypropylene is a practical fabric because it’s strong and extremely lightweight, so it is convenient to carry as well as inexpensive to ship. The fabric is also comfortable and soft and is commonly used to make surgical masks and gowns.

How are Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags Eco-Friendly?

Nonwoven polypropylene bags promote a greener earth because they are reusable, easy to clean, recyclable, and sometimes made with recycled products. These bags can be quickly wiped clean, and some of them are machine washable in cold water if they are drip dried. Most nonwoven polypropylene bags are also made of 5-type recyclable plastic. Reusing and recycling them could save many standard plastic bags from sitting in a landfill. After the non-woven polypropylene bags have been recycled, they may even be made into new totes.CARRIER BAGS

What are Some Additional Benefits of Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags?
Less energy is used to create nonwoven polypropylene bags than is used to create cotton bags. If more companies begin producing nonwoven polypropylene materials, then the pollutants could be decreased and nonwoven polypropylene will become even more environmentally-friendly.CARRIER BAGS
Nonwoven polypropylene bags are excellent and affordable promotional items because they can be made in many different colors and easily printed with company names.

What Exactly is Polypropylene?
It is a plastic that is manufactured utilising a high heat source. It’s molecular formula is (C3 H6)x. There are a few different names such as Polypropene, Polipropene 25, Propylene polymers, and more.CARRIER BAGS

What are Some Properties of Polypropylene?

It is rough and resistant to other chemicals. Polypropylene is tough, but also flexible. This makes the material to be used easily for chemical and plastic engineering experiments.

Polypropylene fabric can be translucent, but because it does not fade very easily, most people use polypropylene as dyed colored fabric.


Polypropylene’s melting point is approximately 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the chemicals have been bonded, they are melted and pressed through tight rollers that will make a thin fabric. This process is called extrusion and moulding. Unlike cotton or other natural fibres, which are woven, polypropylene is not woven. Many people in the fabric industry refer to these types of materials as “non-wovens.” Cotton fibres are typically spun into threads and woven together, but polypropylene is pressed into a fabric.carrier bags

There are other finishes that can be applied to the finished fabric. Different types of finishes will produce different results. Some finishes are applied that will help the fabric accept ink better, which is better for imprinting. Some finishes will help repel other chemicals and solutions. carrier bags

What are Some Uses of Polypropylene? Eco friendly Nonwoven bags

The polypropylene is used in a number of different fabric styles. These non-woven fabrics usually are used to produce non-woven bags.carrier bags

Most importantly, the non-woven fabric can be recycled.

Get your eco-friendly totes today, and customize them with your business image or logo.

The downside’s of using plastic bags are well documented and widely known. These solid waste items and pollutants sit in landfills and waste sites as well as clogging drains and filling the oceans. Companies and individuals are, more than ever, inclined to go back to using the good old recyclable paper bag. But did you know that the recycling process of paper can only be implemented about 3 times? A lot of paper bags aren’t reusable either so the recycling process goes on and on. Ultimately the bags are still made by chopping down trees which threatens the planets future air quality.

Woven bags are reusable and recyclable but they are more labour intensive and it takes more energy to create them. This means that they’re not the most ecologically friendly bags available to you. Instead, opt for non-woven bags. First manufactured in China, they’re made from spun bond non-woven polypropylene (PP) cloth. The material looks and feels like cloth, but it doesn’t need to be woven – making it a more economically sound option. To follow are the main benefits of using this material:Eco friendly Nonwoven bags

  • Eco friendly Nonwoven bags

  • 100% recyclable

  • Bio-degradable and can burn without toxic contaminants

  • No PVC coating or water used in manufacturing process

  • Greater durability means they are more reusable

  • Screen printing and heat transfer full colour printing available

  • Competitive pricing

  • Lightweight

  • Strong

  • Packable or foldable

  • Liquid repellent

  • Washable

  • Air permeable

  • The list is endless……


Eco friendly Non-woven bags are now being used by a variety of businesses: grocers, department stores, gifts shops, off licenses, promotional companies, and many more. Non-woven carriers are the most environmentally friendly and the most versatile and practical bags in the market place today. Why not take a look at the selection of non-woven bags we have on offer today

Eco friendly Nonwoven bags

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