Agrigel frost blanket

Agrigel frost blanket
Agrigel frost blanket

We produce nonwoven cloths, which have enhancing crop quality, UV protection that provides earliness and protects from flying insects. The usage, purpose, technical details and the areas of application of our agrigel agricultural covers are described in detail below.

The Use of agricultural covers in agriculture;
It has the ability to keep heat and humidity at a certain level. It is resistant to UV rays. It provides temperature control as well as humidity control inside the greenhouse. It provides the maximum benefit from the sun rays. It helps with the soil temperature, water saving and reduction of workers` expenses.
Benefits to farmers and growers;     
Weed control and better plant growth, improved efficiency and off-season production at higher prices, better fruit quality, higher prices, sweetness and standard colors, better fruit appearance, pest management, better quality and freshness, improvement of yield in greenhouse production, soil series, and easy collection. It also provides protection against natural conditions and protects your product from harmful insects.
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