Oil Sorbent

Standard Polypropylene Oil Only Sorbents
Meltblown standard oil only sorbents are typically used to skim oil off of water. The open fiber construction draws hydrocarbon-based fluids into the center of the pads and/or rolls, while repelling water. This type of media is our most economical family of pads and rolls, yet it absorbs quicker and more than the other product families.
  • • Antistatic absorbents for use in dry,cold climates and where regulations require
    • Selectively absorbs oil, repels water and is ideal for outdoor use
  • Abrasion resistant and nonabrasive
  • Non-woven structure on both sides and a low-linting meltblown core
  • Remains intact even when saturated
  • Is chemically inert and will not absorb water
  • Full size, heavyweight perfed
  • Significantly stronger than ordinary meltblown polypropylene
  • Remains intact even when saturated
These High loft meltblown sorbents are ultrasonically bonded between two layers of lint-free spunbond fabric creating maximum strength and are ideal for heavy spill situations!
  • Laminated for maximum strength
  • Grime-hiding gray color
  • pure meltblown polypropylene fibers are the most cost-effective adsorption technology today
  • These durable, heavy-weight pads absorb all types of liquids
  • Ideal when you have to clean up general spills or drips
  • Great for tough spill situations


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