Drainage nonwoven fabric

Drainage geotextile is a material used primarily in the construction industry to properly direct water and protect soil. Felix Nonwovens produces Myflon Drainage Geotextile, which is made from high-quality nonwoven materials and has many advantages.
Myflon Drainage Geotextile is resistant to tearing and wear due to being made from high-strength materials. It also has high water permeability and water retention capacity, which allows rainwater or groundwater to be properly directed and prevents soil erosion.
Our product is also resistant to chemicals and UV rays. Due to these characteristics, Myflon Drainage Geotextile is durable and can be used for years.
Myflon Drainage Geotextile is easy to install and cut. These features save time and labor in construction work. Our product is also environmentally friendly and made from recyclable materials.
In conclusion, Myflon Drainage Geotextile produced by Felix Nonwovens is a high-quality option for meeting the water direction and soil protection needs in the construction industry. The durability, long life, and eco-friendliness of our product will help our customers succeed in their work.


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