Textile Backsheet

Textile Backsheet
Textile Backsheet

Textile back-sheet films and laminated products of various types of hot melt layer of spunbond nonwovens. It is produced by lamination with hot glue. Textile back-sheet products prevent the passage of liquid, the passage of air and it can be achieved by the film that use water vapor transmission. 

Plus; as their name already suggest, textile back-sheet products have a soft texture similar to a textile product. These composite products are mostly used in the hygiene sector.
The advantages are as follows;
- Liquid barrier
- Softness
- Textile-like look and texture
- Providing comfort to the end-user
Manufacture technology: Hot melt lamination
Raw materials: Nonwoven / Breathable film
Laminated Weight: 27 – 300 g/m2
Water Vapor Permeability: 500 - 9.500 grams/m2/24hr (ASTM E96- 2000 Desiccant)


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