Mulch film

Mulch film
Mulch film
Mulch film
Mulch film

Mulch Film

 It is a mulch film that has been micro-engraved for vegetables, fruit, trees and crops.  

1. Micro-engraving surface texture.
2. from 25 microns - up to 250 microns in thickness, it has the maximum water vapor barrier properties.
3. High level of opacity, UV protection and protection against weeds.
4. Easily laid and collected.
The use of plastic mulch film`s drip irrigation systems and fumigation can provide the benefits that are described down below. 
- early planting term
- prevention of lose in soil moisture / water saving
- inhibitory effects for the growth of unwanted weed
- inhibitory effects for fertilizer disintegration and drainage 
- increase in yield quality  
- inhibitory effects for soil compaction
- reduction of loss in the root of yield
- increase in yield productivity


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