Absorbent Walking Pad

Absorbent Walking Pad
Absorbent Walking Pad

It is produced as disposable operating room walking pad with high absorbent quality. It is laminated by hydrophilic applications with a high level of absorbency on a SPUNBOND NONWOVEN / DRYLAID / Chemical-bond nonwoven tela; micro-emboss engraving barrier film of hot glue (hot melt). It is manufactured in 3 layers. It has a high absorbing capacity as 1.5 / 2 / 3 liters, which helps our product to absorb more liquid 2x faster time than a standard product. Thanks to its high endurance, it has a resistance for tearing.

Thanks to its special outer surface, it has a very low percentage of pilling. It can be walked on. It is especially useful after liquid intensive surgeries since it makes the cleaning of the operation room faster and easier. Normal cleaning process with saline fluid can cause different complications in addition to taking longer time. We have developed pads with the 1 - 1.3 meters measurements and they have anti-skidding surface. These provide operational safety as well. Our fabrics are manufactured according to the EN 13795 standards. They are produced with the value which is at least 2 times higher than the minimum limit value in the operating environment, and perform over the EN 13795 test criteria.

Manufacture Technology: Hot melt lamination
Raw materials: Spunbond Nonwoven / SAP / film
Laminated Weight: 60 – 300 g/m2
Absorbency: up to % 800


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