White Butcher Paper

Meat Paper / White Butcher Paper

Standard basis weights available: 90 gsm.
The basis weight for White Butcher Paper is always 90 gsm. This ensures that it offers strength, reliable performance and good yield for a wide range of uses. It offers great cleanliness and liquid resistance. Many alternatives exist to seal a package made of White Butcher Paper. The primary markets for this grade of paper are food service and super- markets, but it is also used in industries where an attractive white paper for general wrapping and protective purposes is desired.
How White Butcher Paper is used:
The tear resistance and superior bursting strength of this paper make it ideal for use as a meat, fish and poultry wrap. It is also used to protect sandwiches, both hot and cold, and as a light wrapping paper. It is the perfect choice for wrapping foods due to its ability to resist grease, moisture and meat juices. Many restaurants use White Butcher paper as table covers. White Butcher is also used as a wrapping material in pharmaceutical applications.
Product Availability:
Rolls (width): 400mm / 450mm / 500mm / 600mm / 750mm / 800mm / 1500mm

Other sizes are available upon request. All rolls will be individually streched-wrapped. Rolls can also be individually boxed upon request.
Standard Linear Footage per Roll:
Basis Weight
90gsm Footage
333 meter
Other Grades that are served to the industry: 

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- Grease Resistant Sandwich Wraps & Basket Liners

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 - Steak & Patty Paper

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Felix`s Myflon Packaging™ brand offers the industry’s broadest range of paper based specialty value-added food packaging products including sandwich wraps, and other specialty sheet and roll products. Myflon Packaging™ products are used across a wide range of foodservice, restaurant, supermarket, convenience store, bakery, food processor and industrial packaging applications. Myflon Packaging™ is also a leader in sustainability innovation with its Rockpaper® brand of flexible foodservice packaging. With a legacy of superior quality and product innovation that spans over six decades, Myflon Packaging™ is the consultant of choice to drive your business growth and brand differentiation with custom packaging solutions.



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