Spunsuper Triplex

Spunsuper Triplex
Spunsuper Triplex

Surgical drape fabric

Spunsper triplex laminate fabrics are produced for disposable surgical drapes. These fabrics are composed of hydrophilic Spunbond nonwovens lamination with a high level barrier films; micro-emboss engraving barrier film of hot glue (hot melt). It is manufactured in 3 layers. Medikal kumaşlarımız yüksek emiciliği sayesinde, sıvıyı çok hızlı emerek, bariyer katmanda tutarak koruma sağlamaktadır

Our fabrics are manufactured according to the EN 13795 standards. They are produced with the value which is at least 2 times higher than the minimum limit value in the operating environment, and perform way above the EN 13795 test criteria.



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